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Meet the founder

    Through the course of the years I have acquired experience working for different, big and successful enterprises, from which I have learned different methodologies and managerial techniques that endorse me in this amazing journey of bringing this philosophy and experience in service for our partners with the objective of generate success among their clients. This service vocation is the motivation and philosophy behind our way of making business.

    FireStarz, is a new option in the market with the ambition to develop a new strategy in IT  and contact business, with analytical and out of the box way of thinking, which makes us a valuable player to find the solutions and resources you need in your organization, to help you achieve your business goals. 

    We are living in the edge of technology and communication, where companies require solid engagement between customers and services to assure their grow, and succeed in the market; this goals can be achieved by exceeding in the excellence of their customer satisfaction, the use of the technological tools available today and the best skilled people that permits this multilateral communication, and our desire to help you with our consulting expertise and knowledge in the contact business to bring you our hand in your success.

George Alexander